At its heart, Foolish Optimism is a project about documenting lived experiences of mental health and wellbeing, and nowhere is this exemplified more than the original Foolish Optimism film. This film was created in 2018, and tells the story of three young people grappling with mental health challenges in their own way.

Almost a year on from the release of that film, we have grown into a small, but passionate community: Supporting each other, continuing the conversation, and looking for answers from those in society who are best placed to enact useful change. As we count down to the one year anniversary of the release, we look forward to mobilising into a force for change, while sharing the benefits of our experience, and the stories that have been kindly shared with us along the way.

Foolish Optimism: The film that started it all. Released on 10th October 2018 to mark World Mental Health Day, the film tells the stories of three young people with lived experience of mental health challenges. Content warning: suicide/mental illness.

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