PODCAST: Care Review Roadshow

This episode was recorded at the Care Review Roadshow in Dundee by Leigh Addis on 28th September 2019. Foolish Optimism has been a frequent contributor to the care review, and it was great to get an opportunity to talk to some of the most influential voices on what was, for many of us, home turf.

Our thanks to:

Fiona Duncan, Chair of The Care Review.
Alan Baird, Professor of Social Work.
Alastair Redpath, Co-Chair of the Stigma Working Group.
Cindy McNaughton and Paul Lamont, Who Cares? Scotland.
Carly Edgar, Programme Manager of 1000 Voices.
Heather Cody, Secretaria of the Care Review and Head of Change.
Fraser Stone, Community Engagement Manager for Starchaser.
Gary Brown, Corporate Parenting Youth Worker Perth.
John Morrison, Lecturer of Digital Media Interaction at Edinburgh Napier University.
Kieran Platts, Development Engagement Worker for 1000 Voices.

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