FILM: Daily Battle

This week’s film, Daily Battle, features the voices of men struggling with their mental health. The film was made on site at Viperstrike Airsoft, and explores some of the challenges faced by men who attend the club, including ex-military personnel coping with PTSD.

Foolish Optimism’s Michael Elliott approached club owner David Fletcher about producing a film, and the club was more than happy to accommodate.

Michael, who has been attending the club on a fortnightly basis since the start of the year said, “Viper Strike is like one big family, we’re all friends and regularly sit and talk about our mental health. Nothing is off limits and there’s no judgement. No man wants to be seen as weak and there’s often that fear that, if you open up, you’re seen as less of a man. There’s been a stigma around this for too long but groups like this, which encourage men to talk about their feelings, are playing a huge part in reversing that and that’s making a big difference to people’s lives. I hope the film will encourage men to open up a bit more, and to maybe see more groups of men meeting up regularly to chat things through, wherever that may be.”

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